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Saturday, December 18, 2010

12/18/10 Painting the Town...

...nope, not Red, but colorful!
We went out to dinner with neighbors last night to a restaurant that just opened this week.

It IS possible to eat an appetizer and a small entree with the Band...if you're there for FOUR hours and the restaurant is buying you free drinks! Major glitches in the kitchen (owner even apologized), but the food and company was wonderful.

Wore my thigh high boots...this is the first time anything above my knee has been shown (other than on the beach) in decades...OK, with tights on, but still! I need to remember to keep up my BEST (a la Jen; Baggy Elephant Skin with TAN) with the sunless tanner this winter as I was looking a little pasty in the halter dress.

Off to get DS1's room ready!

Have you heard? *Jumping up and down* IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!


Darlin1 said...

You look so very hip and cute!!

I don't think I will ever be able to show my knees no matter how thin I am---even with tights!


Amanda M. said...

You look great!

Rachel said...

I agree you look great and hip.

Catherine55 said...

You look stunning!! :)

Libby said...

You look FABULOUS and about 25 yrs. old!

Read said...

you look fantastic!!!

Banded Girl said...

Yup, absolutely adorable!

~The other BG ;)

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