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Thursday, December 16, 2010

12/16/10 It's Beginning To Look A Lot...

I'm still alive...paddling as fast as I can. I had the worst & longest week long migraine then I've had in the past 5 years. Yes, I'll be calling the Doc as the preventative I take, and that did so well at the beginning, isn't working anymore. It sucks that I can't take NSAID's with the Band...after I could keep something down, I did resort to my old meds, but by then the migraine was already out of control and there was no snuffing it out. You'd think I would have lost weight with all the vomiting I had during the worst of it, but no...still holding steady (d*mn you Christmas cookies!). I need to get caught's everyone doing?

The last day or so, I've been trying to get caught up with all the Christmas my head was spinning off. The decorating is done and the presents are bought and sorted...yes, I spreadsheeted the kids gifts (twice actually, as my DD accidentally deleted it from my computer) kids will at least never be able to say that I wasn't fair. We started baking the many batches of cookies (although I think DS2 will have the toffee polished off in a few more days...apparently putting them in the freezer so no one will eat them didn't work; DS2-'I can't help only makes the toffee better!' LOL). He did a great job at the holiday band concert (only tuba in the Freshman band, so he was easy to hear this year). I'm hoping he continues band next year, but he's losing interest in the tuba as his love of the guitar grows. I have no clue where he got the musical ability, but he's a natural...he found an old harmonica in the basement the other day and without ever playing before, in 24 hours he had 'sounded out' how to play 'Amazing Grace' TWO different keys.

DD completed her 'three month probationary period' at work last week (a normal thing for new jobs now). They love her (and the customers love her), are keeping her, and will be discussing a final salary/raise hopefully next week...and more importantly, she'll start their health benefits (she's loving the job and the opportunity to finally shine at something...flew out to NYC again today to a customer, so the travel keeps it interesting for her).

Needless to say, she's already found an apartment downtown...we'll miss her, but we know she's been anxious to get out on her own (and I'm just happy she's not across the country, or the world knowing my DD!). She will be rooming with an old sorority sister in the 2nd/3rd floor apartment of an attached house/townhouse. I'm a little worried as I haven't seen it yet, but after DS1's fraternity house room, nothing else can shock me (my eyes are still burning)...I just hope it's safe. Of course the lease starts Jan. 1, so great timing with Christmas as she's going nuts (and of course, us as well) trying to set up all the utilities and buy furniture and all the other things she needs...I'm hoping we can get in next week to measure/see the place. So it will be an extra busy holiday season!

DS1 is taking finals now and we pick him up from college on Saturday...yay!

OK...on to the pics...I think I'll do a few decoration posts this week as I have so many (Oh, and I have new great Christmas story to tell...don't let me forget!).

Today, a few of my favorite holiday vignettes:

The skinny artificial tree in the Great Room with DH's wooden German ornaments (I even found a wooden star tree topper). When I bought this, I cemented it into a foam urn...sure, NOW the 'urn' trees are everywhere! We decided it was too top heavy and kept wanting to tip, so this year I had this hanging upside down in my kitchen between two ladders (yes, I'm nuts) as I put cement and a spike into the small base so we could attach it to a plywood base (under the skirt). Yes, we have snow (two hour delays for school three days this week).;

DD's Christmas dollhouse is up on the coffee table (my brother and youngest sister assembled this, I finished and furnished it for her);

DD's pink lighted creche (affectionately known as the 'Christmas brothel') on the mantle. If you haven't already, read the best Christmas story ever here (one of my very first blogs):

And the tops to my two Dining Room cabinets; boxes of antique ornaments...

...and indent ornaments and candles with my spool collection (so pretty when the candles are burning at night).


Darlin1 said...

So glad to see you're back!

When I had shingles a while back nothing worked for the pain and the doctor said it would be OK to take NSAID's for a time or two. OMG! It was the only thing that worked--knocked the pain out instantly! Didn't need to take them anymore.

DS2 comes home Tues---can't wait!

Your house and Xmas collections look lovely!

Merry Christmas BG!!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Your decorations are absolutely stunning!! Thank you for sharing!!

And I'm soooo glad you're back!! I've been worried about YOU!!!

amandakiska said...

Your home looks great! Have a wonderful holiday. I loved the Christmas Brothel story!

Feel better!

Sandy Lee said...

Love the decorations especially the candles. I love candles. Have a great Christmas!

Amanda M. said...

Your decorations are so beautiful!

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