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Monday, July 27, 2009

7/27/09 Murphy and the Grad Party- Part I

Sorry, I've been gone from here for 10 days, so it's a two part blog.

Murphy's Law: "If something can go wrong, it will"…seems to be the theme of my life the last few weeks. Nothing traumatic, just life picking on me again. I, however, have survived and am victorious…well, sort'a. As you know I've been preparing for DS1's HS graduation party yesterday…and you've heard me whining about trying to make the DVD slideshow of his pics. It was going slowly, but I was learning and slowly but surely I rummaged through my half-unorganized photos and managed to sort them by year (quite the feat), scan, crop, and individually save about 500 photos. Then Muphy's Law kicked in…it went something like this…(or you can skip this part and just know that I'm severely technologically impaired.).

- My program was an older version of the one my Sis (middle one) had and trained me on…this caused some great difficulties figuring it out and a few items my program couldn't do.

- Imported a large group of photos into the slideshow program (Movie Maker)…it mixed them all up…had to move them back into chronological order and by then the originals were back in the albums or boxes in a jumbled mess. Remember, I've got 'old-timers' (as my kids say) and I can't remember what I did 5 min. ago let alone what year a pic was taken…I'm sure I guessed some of the years wrong, but no baby pics in the teen years was 'close enough'.

- Set a group of about half the photos into a new folder after they were done, went back to the slideshow and the photos were now just big red "X's". After much hysterics…well…it took some undoing.

- After importing about 200 photos the slideshow program decided to slow down and continued to do so as I went…by number 500 there was a 30 second delay between each click on my mouse and when finalizing the transitions it would freeze the computer every 15 min. or so…VERY slow going.

Yes, I was ready to lose my mind, but I was determined to win the battle and finally, last weekend I finished…it was beautiful…13 pieces of music…500 pics…cool transitions…even a title and ending! Now, all that was left was to burn the DVD's! Murphy's Law again…

- I read the notes from the training with Sis, and realized I now needed to import the whole thing into yet another program…problem was, I didn't have the program. DH and I spent last Saturday downloading other programs online and trying to burn the DVD with them to no avail.

- I finally admitted defeat and called Sis. Three hours later and many attempts later we figured out my older version could burn straight from there, but my problem was I didn't have enough RAM to do this with such a big slideshow.

- I'll wrap this up by telling you that I had to save all the photos and copy them onto DS1's new college computer we bought him for graduation (after many promises that I wouldn't blow anything up). Then…yes…I had to REDO the whole slideshow program again from music to photo transitions. I'll just say that I had Sis in hysterics laughing at all the things that had gone wrong…the only thing that hadn't happened was the computer completely crashing.

The only thing that saved me from chucking the whole thing was the fact that DS1's computer is lightning fast and had the newer version of the program on it…well, that and the fact that I had a slideshow for DD's graduation (one where all I did was scan the pics and paid to have the rest done…money WELL spent folks) so of course DS1, and everyone else was expecting one.

On to the next fun part of my last week. My second big job for the party was the quilt…you know the one where I've been saving all my kids T-shirts from every sport/activity they've been in since they were a tot and made them into a quilt…I put bands of white canvas between the T-shirt squares and at the party everyone takes a sharpie and writes messages/signs the quilt there. Well, after the DVD's were finally burned last Monday morning I got back to working on this…thought I'd have weeks to do the quilt as the DVD was only going to take a few days after the scanning part…HA HA. I had most of the shirts cut and started piecing in the canvas. I was zipping along happily and was finally thinking that I'd be able to get caught up and finally start working on the food and other parts of the party. Yep, Murphy's Law again…(or you can skip this part and just know that I'm cursed).

- The belt that drives my 53 year old Brother sewing machine broke…well, it didn't just break…it looked like the rubber had been rotting slowly for years and now it was in pieces. Yes, I screamed...Did you hear me on Tuesday?

- Many phone calls later the only tidbit of help I got from any store was a name of a store about an hour away where they might be able to fix it if I brought it in and left it for their repair guy….but that would take at least a week.

- More phone calls to every friend and neighbor…do you realize that no one sews anymore? Not a single soul I could find had a portable sewing machine.

- I admitted defeat and called Sis again (more sympathetic laughter) and she agrees to pick up Mom's portable and bring it on Friday when she arrives a day early to help me with the party.

On to Part II....

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