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Friday, July 17, 2009

7/17/09 Onederland is a Tease!

I've been super busy; I'm tired and there's no end in site. I haven't had my shower yet and I need more coffee. I'm getting ready for DS1's huge graduation party a week from Saturday and I'm running behind on things. It's been a super busy summer and I got a late start on things. The house is a wreck (I've been in the basement, so a tornado must have come through here…no other explanation) and I haven't started buying the food and supplies yet.

After finding out my DVD-slideshow lady is no longer in business I decided to tackle the project myself (with some tutoring from middle sister). The slideshow set to music runs in a loop in the garage where the buffet will be set up so people can view it for a short time or as long as they want while they're getting their food (It's almost ½ hour long…almost 500 pics). Yesterday I went downstairs right after breakfast to finish scanning pics and didn't come up until dinnertime (never could have skipped lunch before the band!). I even forgot to drink any water until the evening…I was 'in the zone'…gulped down three big glasses after dinner…yeah, I was up three times in the night. I do have the music all loaded, clipped and transitioned. Can't believe I still have some pics left to scan today. It would have helped if all the photos were organized and in albums, but only about ½ are…we still have some that are just on CD's and some that are sitting on our 5 scan discs…I hate all you scrapbookers that have every event in an album and with cute decorations too. My three sister's/Mom keep trying to get me sucked in with all their rolling bags filled with cute scrapbook stuff, but I'm avoiding that cult like the plague. I wouldn't be a good devotee as I can't even seem to get my pics developed.

As my neighbor friends have pointed out, I set the bar too high with DD's HS Grad Party. Why did I have to do the slideshow in chronological order (real fun when you have pics sitting in boxes unmarked). My sister was smart…pull a pic out and scan it, who cares what order or if you even miss a year? Why did I have to make a giant quilt for friends to writ messages/autograph (I use T-shirts I've been saving from each of them from every sport, workplace, event they were in and put white borders around the T-shirt squares for people to write messages…framed in black and quilted). I HAVEN'T EVEN BOUGHT THE FABRIC YET FOR DS1's!!! Stop snickering!!! I happen to hate sewing…no patience for it. So what am I doing here instead of getting busy on those pics? Well, one word…ONEDERLAND…I'm NOT there!

I've been up and down the same 3 pounds this week and I've been eating like a bird…probably too little, some days maybe too much, but I don't have time to track things right now. My next fill isn't for another week and a half so I'm just hanging in there. This morning was the kicker though…200.5…the closest I've gotten yet. I was thinking 'Comon! Give a girl a break, like I don't have enough stress! Can't you give a girl one measly pound?!'

I know, it's been another WhineFest…sorry. Off to finish the DVD….if you don't see me in a few days send a search party down to the basement computer as I've probably shriveled up and keeled over (Just let my friends here know I finally reached Onederland)!

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