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Friday, November 4, 2011

11/4/11 Happy First Birthday!

It's my grand-kitten's first birthday! 

Well, at least we think so.  They were rescued kittens and we don't have an exact date...our vet narrowed it down to the week of Halloween last year, so DS2 picked a date.

I decided to make them a gift for their birthday!

They've taken to loving my large cabinet/folding counter in the laundry room because it has a window.  I got tired of finding them sitting on clean socks I left to sort (OK, so it's also a gift for almost OCD cleaner/me), so I finally put a beer box with a towel over it on the counter.  Of course they loved that, since they could now lay down and look out the window and bask in the sun...only one problem...two beer box...

...and then there were boxes...and not much folding space left on my counter (and no, I couldn't just close the's where the litter box lives).

So I made my present...from leftovers; a deep shelf and brackets (that came down from DS1's room last year), two pieces of leftover fancy trim (from framing that piece of ceiling tin for DD's room), some leftover 2" cushion foam (from that headboard I made DD), and the excess fleece from the kitten's 'pita-pocket' beds DS2 and I made them last year when we got the brother kittens...remember those (they still use these daily):
 Well, here's the upgrade/second bed for them...Viola...a cushioned kitty sleep shelf (yes, you knew I was nuts)! saw the flaw in my evil plan...I had to add back a box to the counter (but it's a skinny box, to the side, tethered down), as they were having trouble getting up to the deep shelf from the counter without a step (as DS2 explained to me 'It's not high Mom, but they don't have enough angle to jump up there.'...maybe I can get DS2 to build me a nicer looking step?).
Me thinks they like it!  Happy First Birthday babies!


Lynda said...

Love it!

Amanda said...

Can you come for like 2 weeks and do all these little projects in my house!! You are so crafty and I love it!

Jen said...

Awww..I love that. And the pita pockets. I made something similar for my pup just the other day. I'm super impressed by your skills!
Happy Birthday fur kids!

Darlin1 said...

What a special Grandmother you are!


FitBy40 said...

oh you are way too handy! So cool.

Beth said...

Too too cute!

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