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Thursday, November 17, 2011

11/17/11 Under Construction

Put on you hard hats now (yes, over that unfinished bedazzled headband), and take a seat, because stuff is going to fly (here, hand me the nail gun please, so I can get this all nailed down)!

I'm starting my new plan with all the grunt work 'they've'/the experts told me to alrighty then:
- I'm reconstructing my home Blogger page:
  • Copyright: Added to Home Page- Stop stealing my stupidity blonde moments sage advice and doodles priceless artwork.  Ask me first please.
  • Disclaimer: Added to Home Page- I'm not a Dr., I only play one on the Internet.
  • Post Pics: I moved the pics (have a day or so more work to go) that were still active from my original blog here (didn't know how to do it when I moved the blog.  See you can teach an old dog...).  I didn't move all the comments (since I don't have people's permission).
  • Archive: I cut the blogs/portions of blogs that have content/ideas relating to the first I started deleting them...until I realized (blonde, remember?) that I was also deleting all your helpful comments...and I may want to replace these post-book/no-book (I saved the posts if you need any, but you told me you were printing), so I left the shells/parts.  This was tedious (took almost a week) and I don't like the fact that a newbie may want to look back at some of them, but for now, I'll stick to the recommendations and believe that I'll be helping LOTS of newbies....*sigh*
  • Page Updates: I recently updated some of my pages and I've got a few things left to update.
  • New Content: I'm working on some ideas to make this more user friendly and to add some new content/pages. 
  • Product Reviews:  I'm still thinking on this one, and want your thoughts.  I've declined samples/product review requests from the beginning, but I'm considering the possibility of the things I already use or want to actually try (remember, I'll never be anything but honest...I'm the one that turned down the Realize national campaign...AP Brand here).  The companies also usually offer an extra item for giveaways you can offer to a reader/contest.  I know I've been turned off by some sites that I thought were good when I first found them, but I got sick of all the product reviews and haven't been back...pondering.
- New Audiences:
  • Guest Blogging: Once things settle out a little here, if you need a guest blogger, or know someone with a different audience that would, I'm up for it!  And I'll let you know when I start the articles on other WLS sites.
  • Speaking: When this is further along, I'm going to start trying to speak at some support groups/other venues.  Keep this in mind for later.
  • Facebook: I'm just going to put this out there...I'm taking the plunge.  I have no clue how to set this up, but I'll let you know if I figure it out (and DS2 who's here has no interest in this yet, so he's no help)...if I can figure this out, perhaps I'll even be tweeting about my potty habits someday...yay!
  • G? Mail:  I need another email account just for clue what gmail is, but I'm going to find out, since several of you suggested this a long time ago...OK, stop laughing at my tech-illiteracy!
- HELP!:
  • I know you are talented, helpful women (and men) and if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.
  • I have two family members in Marketing jobs (DH, DD) and I intend to use them.
  • I have one family member in IST major (DS1) and I intend to abuse him this summer (Tech for Moms-101).
  • Anyone have editing skills...I have a serious verbiage problem.
And tomorrow, some fun parts...


Lynda said...

Personally, I like reading "un-official" product know, the one's where somebody just likes a thing so much that they need to blog about it? I think that if it is a product you use (and like) there is nothing wrong with blogging it. On the other hand, if there is a product you tried and thought it was a waste of money, then I can benefit from that knowledge as well.

Sandy Lee said...

OK. You might notice we just resurrected the SOB blog into the new Band Superstars blog and we copied all the posts, including the one from you.

I will remove the post/add any copyright stuff/give you my first born. Whatever you want. Send me an e-mail at

I have 5 Gmail accounts. Go to Select Gmail and then create an account. There's a button. Make up an outrageously serious name. It will tell you if it's available. I just created . The hardest part is creating a password that you can remember. I write mine down now. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

Let me know about the post. I'll do whatever you say!

Band Groupie said... problem at all using the SOB stuff!

Thanks for the Gmail info!

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