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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11/10/10 Fashionista- What Goes Around... (lots of pics)

...Comes Around.

Let's take a walk through fashion history...mine specifically...and all the trends that cycle out and back in.

I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying building a new wardrobe now. Growing up I was never a trend setter with fashion. Coming from a home with 5 kids (4 girls) I was always looking for hand-me-downs...the best was when we got boxes from our older cousins once or twice. Looking back, I actually think I was probably a little behind-the-times. I desperately wanted the latest fashion trend, but I was usually on the tail end by the time I got it. Let's face it, clothes were very expensive then and fabric was a lot cheaper...Mom's actually sewed clothing (thanks again Mom for sewing me the white bikini I desperately begged you's not your fault that I only wore it once...a self-conscious teen figuring out that people are not staring at you because you've got the cutest bikini at the community pool, but because it's see-through when it gets wet was a little traumatic) and most teen's closets weren't packed with nearly the amount of clothing they are now.

I have vivid memories of the few brand new, trendy clothing pieces I received for birthdays or Christmas and I remember wearing them often and until I wore them out.

Elephant bell bottoms...wide all the way from the top of the thighs until the enormous bell-bottoms (I don't think these have ever come back in...too bad as I could have used these when I was fat with my thunder thighs...mine had much looser thighs than these...of course that was when I was stick-thin...I'm always doing things backwards...'skinny jeans' when I'm obese...ugh.);

A midi (mid-calf length) coat made of tan corduroy (mine would have been right in now with the military look as it was double breasted);

Sweater unitard; from my toes to my (turtle) neck in gold cable knit, with a wrap around red-plaid mini skirt...NO this isn't me, just some other unfortunate girl in a unitard who at least had the sense to cover a lot more of the unitard (I was a tall skinny beanpole and I looked like a giant banana...these shouldn't ever come back least in gold).
'Love, Peace, & Flowers' Hip Hugger pants; picture the white one in the corner below and add a bright yellow sash belt and then add neon colored Peter Max style words and flowers (yes, I felt like a flower child in these).
A maxi (length) first one was red paisley (similar to the one below) and later I had a cream colored peasant-style one.Maxi dresses are back in. Of course I'm behind-the-times again and didn't buy one until I was skinny this summer and trust me, they're a fat girl's dream dress...and yes, they have them with flowy sleeves if you're working on the arms...even the big 'butterfly' sleeves we used to wear;
And here's the cream colored one (I thought I looked like a bride in this)...yes, the actual one I wore in middle school...I told you I'm a saver.And lest you think I can still fit into it...NOT. OK, this made me feel busty for the first time (when we all know I'm in training bras)...maybe my ribs have expanded LOL?
I blame my 'saving' it on my DD actually just this week wore this beautiful expensive Peck and Peck dress Mom bought in NYC in the early 50's before she was married...see, most things come back in style (Yes, I wore this in college, and NO, I can't fit even my left pinkie in this thing looks like a sack here, but it has a tiny waist with a flared skirt and is super cute on).

*Portions of Post Deleted For Lap Band Book


tessierose said...

I loved this post! I so remember my elephant bell bottoms and actually had a pair in pink and turquise butterflies/paisley! I remember my first maxi too, man...good times! I laughed out loud at the white bikini!!! Too funny, have a great day!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Great post! I love my maxi dress I bought this summer!

Judi said...

Well, sweetie if we aren't sisters from different mothers! Like you--I covetted the hand-me-downs from my older cousins (lots of Bobbie Brooks!) and I was a bell-bottom (the bigger the better) addict! I wore the hip huggers in bright orange with the yellow patent leather belt and the platform shoes and the peasant dresses and the maxi and the midi and all that other stuff! Oh, the memories!
And....guess what? I have a faux fur vest....bought it last year at Forever 21 (ha!ha!) and love it! Wear it with your over the knee!!
And, yes, I have my share of obese wardrobe horror stories. I've got my share of black velvet stretch too!!!
Loved the post!

Darlin1 said...

Don't feel ready to buy new clothes yet--but it's getting closer! Just wearing the things that were too tight before!

Can't wait to shop!

Jess said...

Radical! Love the pics!

Bonnie said...

Such a fun post. It's funny that you wrote about clothes because I'm in the midst of dealing with my own wardrobe. It's great that I'm fitting into smaller clothes, but am relearning what looks good on me. However, that is much better than feeling like nothing looks good on me.

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Hey! You posted pretty much all of my wardrobe over the years! The only thing you left out was my beloved painters pants! But, I swear I wore that exact dress to my junior prom!!

Loved the post!! Thank you for being YOU!

Nicole said...

great post!! I am searching for a vest like that! where is yours from??

Band Groupie said...

Sent you a note...

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