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Thursday, September 9, 2010

9/9/10 Updates and Luck

Busy, busy, busy...and our luck is's all good.
  • WOOT! DD got the job! She starts Monday with a Environmental Graphics Design company as an Account Manager. The 'Environmental' isn't a green thing, it's that they plan/complete signage for 'environments'; major buildings, parks, etc. (they take the blueprints and figure out how to number rooms and what signage will be needed for the whole place, including the big signage outside, and take it through completion). They do some things in town (ie. they did PNC Park- our baseball stadium) and a lot outside the state (ie. they've done some jobs for Disneyworld and they're doing some big parks out west now). It's the perfect fit for her as she got the creative gene from me so she'll love being in a creative environment, there's some travel involved, which she loves, and she'll be busy managing up to 30 jobs at a time so the job will change daily...a great fit for her. Thanks for all the good vibes!
  • Hell has finally frozen over. DH finally bought a snowblower! It only took him being snowed in last winter with snow up to our hips and the neighbor rescuing us with his snowblower for him to get one. I'm just glad it has a push button start as he's usually out of town when it snows. He also lucked out as we received a great coupon for the store this weekend and when he went to order it, it was on a major sale...ended up being over $300 less than the original price and he couldn't believe his luck.
  • We had a 'laboring' long Labor Day weekend. DH decided that 'we' should do some touch-up painting around the house. I must have lost my mind as I know 'we' and 'painting' really means 'me'...d*mn that Art Ed. degree (OK, it really needed to be done...I've been putting it off)! I'm still painting (I've punished him with making him wash down all the trim and doors). The 1st floor walls and upstairs hall walls are done and I'm still working my way through touching up the trim and doors. Here's the good news...that new painters tape with 'edge lock' you've seen on the actually works! The stuff costs a fortune, but try it...I've painted a lot and I'm super picky about straight edges and I swear it works. My Dr. Suess quote from Diane may go up today if I get the doors done first. I know, I must be the only person who gets excited that the handprints and scrapes have now disappeared from my stair walls and trim.
  • We took a break and had an evening out with neighbors this weekend and had a blast.

  • The company DH works for just got officially turned over to the Saudi company that bought them. He called me to fill out insurance questions...weight and waist/hip measurements...good thing I'm back to being a pear!
*Portions of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book
I'm off to paint!


tessierose said...

Busy, busy...and you look amazing!

Sandy Lee said...

So happy for your DD getting the job. We have a push button start snow blower and guess what. There are 6 steps before you can actually get it to work. I had all the steps listed on a piece of paper and posted in the garage. DH threw it out. Snowed in for a day until he got back. I also almost plowed the entire street as I couldn't get it under control. Once I landed on my butt and the thing finally stopped moving (thank god for those handles that autostop when you let go).

So have fun plowing. And wear lots of coverage. The snow spray is vicious.

BTW, you look amazing in that photo. So glad you got some time for fun.

LDswims said...

Congrats to DD.

Yay for the snowblower. Stay safe with that thing!

We have some touching up that needs done, too. Wanna head down here next? That and a new color for the hallways...and all trim/baseboards/doors/windowsills painted?

So not looking forward to that...probably why we've been putting it off for two years now. But my hubby and I both are itching to paint so this task is probably about to get started...

You are looking absolutely gorgeous!

I always like what you said...don't figure out what you can eat (like you just said above), figure out what you need to sustain you to the next meal.

Just a friendly reminder...

Yay for pears! I'm joining you. My waist has currently knocked off 12 inches. I can't believe how quickly my waist has responded! I have 5 inches to go to get to my desired waist (28")....

I wish I knew a literary agent.

Pamela E. Williams said...

Yep you are truly busy. Paint for me is a chore. I'll leave that to the experts.


Bandita Senorita said...

I love your shoes! I'm glad you are getting things accomplished, and yea for your daughter's job!

Anonymous said...

Lots of good stuff, well except for the weight gain : ) I love your new paint job, it looks so fresh with the white trim.

Yeah for the snowblower, we get a lot of snow here and we have a plow on our tractor. Seriously, men LOVE stuff like that. Your hubby will find a way to be home for the first snow if it involves running power equipment!

Glad your daughter got the job, I never realized that there are jobs like that. It sounds like a good and pretty important job. We all need to know where we are going in big buildings.

Jenny said...

You look amazing! So glad to hear good news from you and your family!

Mrs.C said...

You look GORGEOUS!! And, wonderful new about your DD!!! Didn't need to hear about the snowblower right now though!! Too much of a reminder of how soon it will be here!! Good luck with that painting, and when you're done, I have a few spots you can touch up too!!

Stephanie said...

You are looking so amazing!! I know this may sound funny, but do you know how jealous I am that you get to have a snowblower? I miss snow so much and living in Central Florida, I have ZERO chance of ever needing one. I'd be happy to come to your house and shovel snow for you!!!

Bonnie said...

So good to hear from you. Sounds like a lot of exciting things happening. I love your outfit. So cute. You look great.

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