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Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/16/10 Coloring Outside The Lines

  • The painting spree has continued...uggh. I got all the external doors painted (harder than it sounds as several are glass...front door; all's a pain!). Yes, I still have hours of scraping the excess paint off every pane left today (inside done, just the outside)...I've always said that 'I never color inside the lines'...guess that's biting me in the butt. I called my parents to thank them for my Art Ed degree.
  • The quote went up on the hall wall (look how cute Diane, thanks!) and I spray-painted 25 of my old picture frames black (wow, I haven't had these up since house #3 where I had the obligitory kids photos going up the stairs...DS1 wasn't even born then LOL), I just need the photos...
    Yes, I make patterns of my pics and nail through those to hang them perfectly (no, they're not lined up yet)...I'm anal, remember?!
  • I officially hate technology...and I don't care anymore that saying that makes me sound can get me in a four day super mean mood (DH can't even do that) DH's been taking the brunt of it as he's tried to help me. Trying to print black & white photos for those computer downstairs where the scanner is...bought several large sizes of photo paper and then new ink cartridges...downloaded new photo programs...three different ones...then the scanner won't do anything but jam paper or 'pretend' that it's printing (making all those lovely sounds back and forth) just to taunt me while it's not printing...yes, I called my IST Sophmore at college who tried to help me over the phone, but I swear he was speaking a foreign language...four days later and I'm taking my photos to Target today for them to print...d*mn I'm stubborn...I need a TAM class (Technology Anger Management).
  • *Portions of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book 
  • Fall has decided to arrive here...cold and rainy...OK you Aussie's, I'm sending you Spring d*mnit! 
  • Oh, and DD's new job is going well...I packed her lunch the first day and had deja vu of her first days of school. I got a call the first morning 'It is Monday, isn't it Mom?'...she was 15 min. early and no one was there yet LOL. She's been going to a lot of meetings with clients...went to a 'walk through' meeting at the new hockey stadium where they're doing the signage. It sounds like they're swamped and need to get her up and running as quickly as possible...yay job!

It's just another week in BG-land!

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