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Thursday, May 20, 2010

5/20/10 Drivel Scribbles: PB's

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book


diane said...

As a master of the PB, which I call a yak, yes,(3) I can blame ALL of them on myself doing something stupid! And yes sometimes(5) I choose to yak because I just cant stand the stuck feeling.(4) I know to be careful after and not eating anything risky the rest of the day!But no protocol loike mushies. and (6) yakking is no fun but a miniscule price to pay...I LOVE my band (and you, girl) D

Girl Bandit said... goes: 1) I PB at least once a week 2) I usually have 2-3 pB's and then I am done. Last Sunday I had 5 in a row in 2 different toilets and then ok that night it happened again with about 5 in a row...bad day

3)Quite often it is because it was the wrong food like last week fries and pastry ...too soft foods too like bread or too dry like chicken or rehaeted food. Or it could be because I want one more bite and shouldn't or because I didn't chew enough. ATM I am tight and have been for 3weeks...I can hear everything go through the band and it is embarrassing. Now I have some added stress and also TOM and notice that I can barely drink or eat except during the middle of the day...the last night everything I ate for dinner came back up
4) I have no protocol after a PB...sometimes I am hungry so might try eating something different again like cheese and crackers which is usually ok

5)Yes quite often I can't stand the stuck pain or can't talk or nearly can't breathe when stuck so I go and make gravity bring it up ie: Haed down lower than stomach. My PB's are more like vomits and lately I stick my finger down my throat. Pre band I could NEVER make myself vomit even with a toothbrush down my throat etc
6)I think I pb too much but I suppose I chose to because I can't stand the stuckkiness as described above
7)OK...once I had some yogurt at my mum's...and it sort of got stuck...I coughed and some came out onto the table. They don't know about my band and asked why hadn't I swallowed it??? So embarrassing. Other times having to leap up whilst out to dinner and get to the loo and another bad one was leaving my children at the Sushi train while I raced around trying to find a loo and have made it but some ended up all over the floor. I could barely ask where the loo was it was so bad

Hope that helps

Joey said...

I've never PB'd, only slimed - Sometimes I wish it would just come up because the sliming will last up to an hour!

diane said...

Don't leave out the zip loc bag for the atlas in the car...that's a classic!!!!

Miss Tori said...

I've been banded 5 months now and have never PB'd. I've slimed only when I was actually feeling ill (not food consumption related). Thank God!

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