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Friday, August 21, 2009

8/21/09 Scale Whores Anonymous- Semi-Annual Meeting

- Call to Order

- Creed: Submitted for the group's Changes & Approval
o I am a Scale Whore. I wear this title with pride. Keeping track of my weight and use of a scale is an important tool in my journey toward or at a healthy weight. I am only one of many others like me and together we are a group. Although our journeys and choices may be different, we are bonded together by the common strategy of keeping a careful eye on our weight. I will share freely and will educate others on my strategies so that others may learn from my experiences. I will accept, respect and support my fellow Scale Whores regardless of their choices and alternate strategies without passing judgment, regardless of my personal views. I will unite with this group to defend against the prejudices and intolerance of others in order to preserve the support and accepting atmosphere of this group. I am here to teach and to learn, to find support and give it, so that I can more successfully reach or maintain a healthy weight.

-Review of Qualifications for Joining SWA:
o Join Us!!! If you're not sure whether you qualify as a Scale Whore, read HERE on LBT. Otherwise, anyone who tracks their weight through use of a scale (either at home or at a Doctors) and enjoys doing so (OK, maybe 'enjoys' isn't the right word when getting on a scale) is welcome (so pretty much anyone who doesn't want help or doesn't think this is an affliction).

- Role Call and Reading of Minutes of Last Meeting:
o If you'd like more information; HERE on LBT is our 1st meeting on LBT in February, '09.

- Swearing in and Initiation of new members:
o Scales and Measuring tapes will be involved…don't worry, it's all done in a pitch black room and we've all survived…so far. You may put on your blindfolds NOW.

- Announcements, Reports, Business, Program, Open Sharing:
o The floor is now open for sharing of WL tracking and methods. Share how you use a scale and/or track your weight.

- Entertainment, Social Activities, Just for Fun:
o Arts and Crafts, games, teambuilding, etc. Share yours here and the group will participate!

- New Business, Suggestions:
o For Our Next Semi-Annual Meeting in February (or suggestions for anything else).

- Closing Ceremony:
o Dominoes Formation "Fall" with our Scales (symbolic of our weight falling down)
o Until Next Time…

o Until Next Time…

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

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