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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Facebook For Super-Dummies...or Blondes

I'm having a blonde moment...make that a blonde day.  Can someone please help me because I feel like a moron?!  And yes, I tried 'Facebook For Dummies'...I'm apparently dumber than that.
I need help with Facebook interacting ('friending/liking'), basically getting started, and I need so much help that I don't even know what to here's me trying...

I set up a Facebook account (Lap Band Groupie) in Feb.  I created a lovely profile pic (long vertical)and today I even switched to the new Facebook layout they just announced (now long horizontal) and changed my 'cover' pic (thought I was clever).  I've posted a few Facebook updates along the way and I added a Facebook 'like' and 'share' button here on my blog.  I also read a ton of stuff today and made sure I've 'verified' my page by my phone number today.  I added a 'username' today ('LapBandGroupie' no spaces were allowed), although I'm not sure how that's different than the account I'd set up weeks ago.  Facebook told me I could now 'tell all my friends they can find me at '  (I'm hoping you'll see what I see when you go doesn't say anything like 'wall' if that helps).

Here's my questions/issues:

- There's no 'search' area at the top of my page (OK, not even sure page is the right word as my DS thinks I still need to create some sort of Fan Page...whatever that is) to look up people for me to 'friend'.  Everything I've read in 'Help' says every page in Facebook has a search where the heck am I if I'm not on Facebook then?  My kids couldn't figure out what I did.

- When my kids try to look me up in Facebook with their searchbox...that they have on their Facebook ('LapBandGroupie' or 'Lap Band Groupie'), I'm not there. 

- It looks like people are 'liking' and 'sharing' with the buttons I put on here (I see there are numbers now), but what does that mean?  Should something be showing up on my Facebook page? 

- There's nothing on my page, but what I've created/added...when/how does this become interactive?  What am I missing here to start connecting with others?  Do I need to create something else?  Is there something else to verify, or change in security?

Thanks for holding my hand...will you be my 'friend' or 'like' me still (now that you know how blonde I am)...*sigh*


Janice said...

I'm VERY technology challenged; so I just admire your efforts. I was thinking of hiring an intern from a local college just to help me with social media for a few weeks. All of that tweeting, blogging, website, always seems as soon as you figure something out, something new comes along.

I have no doubt you will have it mastered in no time! :

Lee Ann said...

Hey did you get my email? About lunch in Oakland? Judi, Chris, and I are getting together on Tuesday. Let me know if you want to meet up and I'll tell you the exact time and location.

diane said...

I am no FB expert but because your page is like a business rather than a person ( that's why you cant uses spaces as you would for your name I think)...I cant friend you I can just like the business...which I did!

Beth Ann said...

I think you look set up correctly. :) You are set up as more of a "thing" than a person, but that is good because people have limits. If you become a famous author, everyone on Facebook can LIKE you!! Keep up the awesomeness!

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