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Saturday, June 18, 2011

6/18/11 Smell My Hands

No, really...

Turn up the Smellavision...

The first plants of my little lavender section in the garden (my take on the huge fields in France) has just bloomed and the whole garden smells wonderful (the white and pink ones will bloom soon).


I cut some wand bundles to hang inside and some potpourri.  My hands smell like lavender oil. 

Ahh...It's a sign that Spring is coming to an end and Summer is almost here!


Kathy said...

mmmm, I love the smell of lavender. I had some plants for a few years and then they died. I need to get some more, the bees love it and so do I.

Dinnerland said...

Hi, I feel like I haven't seen your blog in forever-- I do not know how this google reader works, but it doesn't work well for me.
Hope you are well-- I'll look back and see what I've missed for at least a few weeks... xo

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