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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/8/11 The Boys Are Back In Town!

My baby-boy (DS1) came home from college for Spring Break on Friday (and his baby-boy kitten 'Beau' came too)! So nice to have him home for is too far away and he doesn't get home often enough.

We were wondering what would happen when the two brothers (kittens, not my boys) were reunited. The Vet and their staff kept telling us that they would know each other, but we weren't sure. They were hysterical...the first half hour was spent tentatively sniffing, touching, and looking at each other as they shyly hid behind things. Then, it was suddenly like old times...they started the 'chase' and 'hide and seek' with first one being 'it', then the other one. In between there was the usual tussle where a ball of happy kittens rolled by...DS2 was worried they were tussling too much, but we reassured him this was all in play and exactly what they'd done before. Having had cats before, we certainly know what a cat fight looks like...growling, hissing, claws swiping, hair ain't pretty...there's a reason they call girls pulling hair and fighting a cat fight. The only problem was they kept us awake listening to their feet running all over the house and up and down the stairs that first was kittenpalooza! They look even more alike now as Beau has grown into his long hair and the hair is shorter around his face. They went to the Vet yesterday and Tuck is still bigger...he weighs a full pound more than his brother.

DS2 is so excited to have DS1 home. I was pleased to see the first night that they'd pulled out the trundle in DS1's room and had stayed up late playing video games together (being 5 years younger he loves any attention from the older ones). DS2 went downtown with some friends on Saturday and they stayed overnight at DD's new apartment and had a great time. We're having a very busy week here and DD is coming to stay overnight tonight, so we'll have everyone home!

Hope your week is just as sunny!


Beth Ann said... time rocks!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you have some great kids! Have a great week!

amandakiska said...

Your son looks just like you.

So glad you have your feline and part of your human family together again!

Jess said...

What an awesome reunion!

~Lisa~ said...

Isn't it absolutely wonderful when they're all home at the same time?? Enjoy every blessed, wonderful moment! Oh, and enjoy the boys too!!


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