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Monday, April 23, 2012

Third Bandiversary!!!

Hello my lovelies!

This week is my 'Celebration Week', so drink up you groupies, and keep the party going all week!

- My Birthday (I'll be 53).

- Our 30th Wedding Anniversary (we'll be leaving for London in about two weeks…Cheers!).

- and…drum roll please…My Third Bandiversary!!!

I've been in my closet figuring out what to take for our trip and I ran across a second old pair of pants. These did NOT fit me the year (or more) before I was banded. They were my only pair of dress pants though, so I remember wearing them unbuttoned a few times with a big shirt covering them…I refused to buy any more pants in a bigger size (they're a 22W, and I was at least in a 24W). They drop to the floor when I let go…and 'scuse the pre-shower/no makeup scary face.

I was hoping to roll out the intro. of the book this week, but that will have to wait until I get back, as I've still have a few things to figure out. So I'll just share what I'm thinking instead (sorry, if this is a ramble, no time to edit...)
Reflections on the past year.

- Life.

     - I really have nothing to complain about as we're all healthy and happy and the kids are all great. I've certainly still been counting every blessing as we have so much to be thankful for. All the really important things in our life are wonderful.

     - That said, it's been one of, if not the most stressful years we've ever had (no worries, mostly job crapolla, but of the kind we could write a movie about). There will always be ups and downs and nothing stays the same long. We've all been there, and you can't really appreciate the good…(insert Charlie Brown's teacher here 'blah, blah, blah").
     - Anyway, I've been busy, and stress has given me new excuse to lose my hair...wonderful.

-My Lap-Band.

     - The Book

          - I've found it harder to find time to do everything. To live my crazy life, to write, to blog.

          - As my sister would point out…I've been 'doing the lonely work', and sometimes it isn't fun.  I really miss keeping up with friends and just having fun writing my blog and helping newbies. I feel like everyone will have moved on and forgotten about me by the time it's all done. Sometimes I feel like I'm chasing windmills. 

          - Just about the time I'm feeling down about it all and want to quit, I always get a note from a new Bander telling me how much my little blog has helped them. It keeps me going.

- My Band Journey this year

     - Band History

          - 1st year was losing weight and learning about my Band.
          - 2nd year was getting to goal, soon after that was my unfill and then losing weight again to get to goal a second time (just a few weeks after my 2nd Bandiversary)

          - 3rd year has really been about getting back to goal and maintenance.  

     - Goal Maintenance
          - My expectations when I got the Band were that I would lose about ½ my excess weight. I had confidence that I could do that, since I'd done close to that many times with diets. I was just hoping that I could keep ½ the weight off with less hunger.  My number one grateful moment was the second half of my excess weight coming off with virtually no hunger…it amazes me still.

          - My second most grateful moment (that's almost a tie with losing so much weight), happened this year…that I've been able to KEEP the weight off. You've always heard me say that I got the Band to keep the weight off, not to lose it. I'm amazed every day that I'm still in maintenance…and I've learned so very much this year.

          - Maybe it was having the unfill and having that awful hunger back that made still doubt that I'd be able to keep this off. I was worried that the weight would slowly creep back on like it has for so many others. I'm not stupid enough to say that it won't ever happen (you know I have to try everything once…OK three or four times LOL), I'm just here to say that for this first year of maintenance, I'm still maintaining. 

          - I actually think my body kinda' wants to stay at goal now…shocking (it's just like when you're in a plateau and not much you do will make the weight budge…except this time it's a good thing). I've had weeks of crappy eating this year (Can you say Easter chocolate? No, I mean it…whole piles of foil wrappers…but more about my perfection in a moment). Even when I've gained a few pounds, once I get things back in check (and no, don't read 'easy' in there anywhere...there's a method to the madness and 'easy' isn't part of any of it) it evens out again…amazing.

          - So I've had a wonderful, surprising, and thankful year with my Band.

     - Stats: For those of you that are 'almost OCD' numbers people, like me, here's a few stats for you. 

          - It's been almost a year since I got back down to goal for the second time. Over 48 weeks to be exact.

          - I weigh daily, but record it weekly, I've been over my goal weight of 148 exactly 4 weeks during that time and two of those four were the very first two weeks after reaching goal. 

          - I'll also tell you that I've only ever been over my goal by a half a pound…half a pound! So this year I've been between 141.5 and 148.5. Over half the weeks have stayed within two pounds (145.5-147.5). 

     - Imperfection

          - OK, now before you just start thinking…good for her, but that will never be me, let me tell you again, it CAN be.

          - Let me preface this next part by reminding you that I'm a firm believer in the fact that our journeys are all a little different, but each one of us has something to learn from the other. The trick is in finding what you can learn that will work for you. It's important to find those Banders that have the same approach to their Band that you do, but remember, no one way is right or wrong, it's just a different way to get there…take what you can from everyone and learn. 

          - I'll admit I don't like vague or simple explanations for things…back to basics, exercise more, eat less…I was hungry for details as a newbie (and just hungry)….and especially 'follow the rules' (OK, I'm nothing, if not a rule tester). The truth is nothing is that simple…especially not our Bands, and certainly not this journey. You know I'm a details person and I always want the truth…even if it's ugly…I think that's why I share so much. I only get inspired when I can really relate and if I feel like that person is enough like me…flawed like me.  I found inspiration...and there's plenty of of it for us all out there. 

          - So again, I am NOT the perfect Bander…but you know what…I think sharing that can inspire others not to give up the good fight. You don't have to be a perfect Bander to find success, you just have to be ready to do the real work…for me, that was as much in my head as with food/my body.

          - I've got lots more I've learned from getting back to goal and maintenance this year, but I'll just share one last thing here…and this one is for you not-so-newbies as well. No, I'm not going to tell you this journey never ends, you already know that, but know there's no expiration date on our if, when, you want more, you CAN do it.  I'm going to tell you that your weight loss success is just like food, you can set amounts and track and measure it as much as you want, but it's only inside you where you can decide when you're satisfied.  Just like hunger and have to really pay attention and only then will you be able to make the changes you need to be successful.  It's only when you start believing that you can reach your goals that you'll be able to.

Ta-ta!  See you when I'm back from over the pond (you have to let go of the shore to get to the other side...yes, I'm in deep LOL)! -LGB
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